Destiny 2: Season Pass Price, Features, Rewards, and News

Bungie has revealed what's in store for players when Destiny 2's upcoming season begins.

Destiny 2 Season Pass Price Details

Bungie has shared more information about how Destiny 2‘s upcoming season will work, and the upcoming changes to the game’s format include the introduction of what is essentially a battle pass. 

“With every Season Pass, you will get everything you’d expect from a Destiny Season (new activities, rewards, a storyline, et cetera), not just the new Season Rank UI and the reward tracks,” reads an extensive post on the Bungie blog. “Like I alluded to way back in the first Director’s Cut, we need more sustainable ways to deliver rewards, and the Season Rank UI is a big step in us getting there.”

Destiny 2‘s upcoming Season Pass works about like every other pass out there. As you play Destiny 2, you’ll unlock points which allow you to level your way through the Season Pass and unlock rewards as you go. For $10, you’ll gain access to a premium tier of unlocks which grants you new rewards at every level.

Interestingly, Bungie is going to allow players to purchase new levels shortly before the Season Pass ends. There’s no word on how much those levels will cost, but the idea is that those who prefer not to grind their way through the pass will just be able to purchase whatever unlocks they haven’t earned yet. 

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Obviously, this Season Pass serves as an additional revenue source for Bungie, but the studio rightfully points out that this pass will hopefully cut down on the instances when you log into play Destiny 2 and feel like you’re not actually working towards anything. 

Speaking of incentives, Bungie is also adding a “Seasonal Artifact” to Destiny 2 which players will unlock even if they don’t buy the Season Pass. This artifact will level up as you do and grant you access to new abilities and mods. It will contribute to your overall power level, but it will also go away (or be refreshed) at the start of each season. Theoretically, this will allow players who want to constantly improve their characters and work towards leveling incentives to be able to do so without Bungie having to permanently raise the level cap. 

While a Season Pass probably wasn’t the change that Destiny 2 fans had in mind when they heard that Bungie was splitting from Activision, it does represent the studio’s commitment to approaching Destiny 2‘s future with new ideas in mind and finding ways to address some of the game’s more noticeable shortcomings. We’re interested to see what else the studio has in store for Destiny 2 as the game prepares for its free-to-play transition.

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