Destiny 2 Players Spent Over 25 Years Just Deleting Shaders

Destiny 2 is apparently just "Shaders: The Game."

Recently, Bungie released a series of stats that reveal exactly how players have been spending their time in Destiny 2 since the game launched last year. Apparently, quite a few of them have been obsessing over which shader to use for their characters. 

In case you don’t know, a shader in Destiny 2 is an item that lets you re-color your armor and weapons. They are purely cosmetic items that serve almost no practical purpose. However, they became the star of one of Destiny‘s biggest controversies when Bungie revealed that shaders in Destiny 2 were going to function as one-time only use items that only affected a single piece of armor or a weapon. This was a big change from the original Destiny which let players use a shader for their entire character and keep it after they were done. 

While many fans revolted against the change, that apparently hasn’t stopped Destiny 2 players from spending a lot of time picking the perfect shaders for their characters. So far, over 807,635,124 shaders have been deleted in Destiny 2. Essentially, that total represents the number of times that Destiny 2 players have decided to change the look of their character (not counting initial applications that were not changed). 

That’s a huge number that becomes all the more impressive when you read this Reddit breakdown of what that figure actually means. According to Reddit user SlickeryV, players have spent just over 25 years deleting shaders within Destiny 2. That number assumes that the average deletion takes only one second per shader. 

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That number probably helps explain why Bungie is finally implementing an option in Destiny 2 that will let players mass delete their shaders rather than have to individually delete them each time they want to give their characters a makeover. It also shows just how easy it is to lose time in video games obsessing over cosmetics. 

Other notable Destiny 2 stats include the apparent incredible popularity of the game’s Hunter class, the fact that Leviathan appears to have been the most dangerous raid boss so far, and a shocking stat that reveals only 8,750 players have access to Redrix’s Claymore, the apparent rarest weapon in the game. 

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