Death Stranding No Longer Listed as PlayStation Exclusive

Death Stranding has mysteriously been removed from a list of upcoming PlayStation exclusives.

Death Stranding PS4 Exclusive

Fans are wondering what’s going on after Death Stranding was removed from an official list of upcoming PlayStation exclusives. 

As users on the ResetEra forum first noted, Death Stranding is not listed as an upcoming PlayStation exclusive on PlayStation’s Australian website. The funny thing is that it was listed as an exclusive on that website just a few months ago. Other regional equivalents of that same page also don’t seem to include Death Stranding on the list of exclusives. 

It would have made sense if Death Stranding was simply never on the list (which doesn’t include all of the PS4’s upcoming and previous exclusives), but the fact that it seemed to be on that website at some point and no longer is has led some to speculate whether or not Death Stranding will still be a PS4 exclusive. 

So far as that goes, there are a couple of things worth noting. First off, Death Stranding is being developed by Kojima Productions, and Kojima Productions is not a first-party studio. Kojima Productions was revealed with the help of Sony and the PlayStation team, but Kojima has never indicated that he intends to develop titles solely for PlayStation platforms. In fact, Kojima Productions had previously indicated that they’re theoretically interested in bringing Death Stranding to PC after some time on the PS4. 

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With GamesCom coming up and Kojima set to speak at the show, the idea that Death Stranding could find its way to PC suddenly doesn’t sound all that crazy. Still, we’re not sure if Sony Would really go so far as to remove the game from the exclusive list seemingly out of the blue. If Death Stranding was coming to PC, we have a feeling that deal would have been worked out some time ago. It’s also possible this is just an indication the game will also be available for the PS5. 

Anything is certainly possible, though, and we’re eager to see whether or not the creator of Metal Gear Solid adds his upcoming game to the list of the most anticipated upcoming PC titles

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