Dead Rising 2 confirmed: now here’s what we want from it

Capcom has confirmed a Dead Rising sequel! Hurray! Now, here are some suggestions for it…

This guy's luck's run out. If only every slot-machine was a save point.

Capcom made us very happy the other day, when it finally got round to confirming a sequel to its Xbox 360 zombie hit Dead Rising. Dead Rising, you may remember, was the game that stuck you in the middle of a shopping arcade, surrounded by lots of zombies. Thus, you had to reach for anything that could be construed as a weapon, and battle your way through as best you could. The game had a couple of different endings depending on which approach you took, although given how bastard hard it was, it’s a fair bet that most people didn’t see any of them.

The sequel, which Capcom has confirmed for the Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3, will be set a few years after the first game, and this time the zombie virus has spread right throughout the United States. While Capcom isn’t giving too much more away where the plot for the game is concerned, we do know that the game is set in Fortune City, a gambling city which inevitably has Las Vegas overtones to it. We’re also being promised tens of thousands of zombies, a whole host of new weapons, and a feel similar to the first game.

This is all good news. But can we add a few requests to Capcom’s suggestion box for the game.

1. Sort out those save points. If there was one thing that nearly murdered the majesty of the brilliant original for us, it was pretty much losing all your lives just to get to one of the toilets so that you could save your game. Naturally, the save game points were pretty much zombie magnets, so when you did manage to save your game, when you loaded it again you found yourself surrounded pretty much from the off. This, bluntly, was incredibly annoying. The challenge of the game was supposed to be about beating zombies, not about spending ages just trying to get your game written to your hard disk so you could go to bleedin’ bed.

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2. Sort out the on-screen text. This was just plain silly. In the end, we played Dead Rising on a high definition display, and still couldn’t read the on-screen text. What was it saying? Was it important? To this day, we have no idea. Short of a further virus being emitted from the game to bestow 20/20 vision upon everyone who ever played it, we’d wager that many of the other people who played it are just as in the dark as us.

3. Can you, er, give us a slightly easier difficulty level option please? That’d help…

We eagerly await the release of Dead Rising 2, although no clue as to a date has been given. Might we get it this year? Here’s hoping, but don’t bank on it…