Dead or Alive 6 Season Pass Costs Almost $100

If you want all of Dead or Alive 6's content, you might want to start saving up for the season pass.

Dead or Alive 6 Season Pass

If you want to enjoy all of the upcoming content coming to Dead or Alive 6, you’ll need to shell out about $93 for the game’s entire season pass.

Like many other games, Dead or Alive offers you the chance to buy a season pass. This pass will allow you to access all of the content that comes out during a certain time period (usually about a year). In the case of Dead or Alive 6, the season pass allows you to access 62 new costumes and two new characters that are going to be released between now and June. Neat, right?

Wrong. It seems that this content will cost you a shocking $93 ($92.99, to be exact). Mind you, that’s on top of the full price you have to pay for the game. Not only that, but this particular season pass only covers a few months worth of content and not a lifetime’s worth or even a full year. Of course, some people have noted that it’s entirely possible that this pass will cover content released for the game that hasn’t beenannounced yet.

You can also purchase everything included in the pass individually, but we can’t imagine how much that will cost. In the current age of microtransactions, though, it’s absolutely bizzarre to hear that a season pass that consists largely of cosmetic items costs so much.

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If we’re going to give the benefit of the doubt to developer Koei Tecmo in this instance, we’ll say that it’s entirely possible that this number is the result of some kind of error. It’s also possible that this number will quickly be replaced by a much smaller figure and that the studio is simply trying to see what they can get away with. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time that a developer altered their microtransactions system due to controversy.

Having said all of that…wow. That’s a stunning price for a season pass that may or may not include more content than we currently know about. It seems that you can unlock most of this content through gameplay, but you can only imagine how much time it will take to unlock almost $100 worth of content.

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