Dead by Daylight Lets You Play as Your Favorite Slashers, Soon to Include Freddy Krueger

The popular online slasher title may soon play host to one of horror's greatest villains.

A new teaser trailer for the multiplayer slasher title Dead by Daylight suggests that Freddy Krueger is about to be added to the game’s roster of villains.

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The teaser, titled “Don’t Fall Asleep,” does not mention Freddy by name and does not show any images of the slasher star. It does, however, feature some slash marks that are eerily similar to those that Freddy’s claws typically leave behind and a boiler room-type setting that fans of the Nightmare on Elm Street films will no doubt recognize. Plus, the “Don’t Fall Asleep” tagline is the kind of statement that is seemingly designed to conjure images of one horror icon. 

However, the biggest hint that this teaser references Freddy Krueger is the game’s recent history of DLC additions. In the past, Dead by Daylight‘s development team have added famous horror movie characters like Leatherface (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) and Michael Myers (Halloween) to the game’s roster of villains. The Michael Myers addition was particularly well-received as it came with new maps and new characters (including Laurie Strode) that essentially turned Dead by Daylight into the best licensed Halloween game ever made. 

The same can arguably be said of the game’s Leatherface DLC pack, but that content wasn’t quite as expansive as the Halloween-themed pack and only added Texas Chainsaw Massacre‘s star villain to the game. 

The point is that the Dead by Daylight team have proven they’ve got some serious sway in the industry that allows them to acquire the rights to some pretty famous horror characters. As such, it’s far from unreasonable that they would be able to officially add Freddy to the game. Still, he would arguably be the biggest official horror movie character that’s been added to Dead by Daylight yet in terms of mass appeal.

If that is the case, it will be quite interesting to see how the developers incorporate Freddy’s wide-range of dream world abilities into the gameplay experience. 

For those who don’t know, Dead by Daylight drops a team of survivors on a map with a slasher villain. The slasher needs to pick off the survivors one by one while the survivors need to complete a series of goals in order to escape. The recent Friday the 13th game borrows heavily from Dead by Daylight‘s design. 

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