Dark teaser trailer

It’s stealthy hunting and killing, vampire-style in new IP Dark, and here’s the first teaser…

Vampires are hardly new to gaming, but in the wake of the seemingly never-ending slew of zombie-themed titles and game modes, the bloodsucking variety of undead haven’t had much of the spotlight of late. That’s set to change, however, with Kalypso Media’s Dark, a stealth-heavy FPS where you play as an all-powerful vampire, on the hunt for blood.

The game, which will feature some RPG-like elements as you gain new abilities will see you investigate a strange global organisation, all the while feeding your vampiric urges and doing battle with all sorts of foes and vampire hunters.

In some ways, the game sounds very similar to the vastly underappreciated Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines, but this looks to be a much more action-heavy offering, unlike the slower-paced, adventure-style Bloodlines.

Dark is due out for the PC and Xbox 360 early next year, so for now, have a look at the teaser trailer.

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