Dark Souls Trilogy Collection Releasing in October

Prepare to die quite a lot in the upcoming Dark Souls Trilogy collection, which is out in October!

Bandai Namco and From Software have announced the release of a Dark Souls Trilogy collection. 

Just as it sounds, this collection will contain Dark Souls: Remastered, Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin, and Dark Souls III: The Fire Fades. That means that you get the complete version of each Dark Souls game in one handy package. That means that you’ll be able to die and die again to the incredibly difficult bosses featured in each Dark Souls DLC release. Yay!

To give players a little more incentive to purchase these titles once more, Bandai Namco is bindingly them in a special Steelbook case that should appeal to the collectors out there. Sadly, the physical edition of the collection will only be available via a limited retail release. 

“The Dark Souls Trilogy gives those who haven’t played the Dark Souls series a great opportunity to jump in and experience what has become one of the most influential video game series of the past decade,” says Jenn Tsang of Bandai Namco. “The magic of Dark Souls lies within its ability to challenge players with highly rewarding gameplay and deliver a euphoric sense of accomplishment after beating a particularly tough boss, or area in the game. We hope to share that feeling with new players through Dark Souls Trilogy.”

At present, the Dark Souls Trilogy is expected to be released on October 19th for PS4 and Xbox One. The physical edition will retail for $79.99. There’s no word regarding any intentions to release the collection via any digital marketplaces. 

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If you’ve somehow missed out on the Dark Souls trilogy, it’s hard not to recommend checking out this collection. After all, we’re talking about the games that revolutionized the modern action/adventure genre and helped revive the era of challenging game experiences on a large scale. 

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