Dark Souls II receives mammoth update ahead of DLC

Dark Souls II's first DLC is due today, and a new patch has addressed a huge list of issues...

The first DLC for Dark Souls II: Crown of the Sunken King, has probably landed by the time you read this, and accompanying it is a huge update that fixes and tweaks a massive range of features.

You can see the full list below (and it’s some list), but highlights include a limit to the amount of souls a player can earn whilst fighting invaders, and the removal of healing abilities during any form of PvP, a common annoyance for those who follow Dark Souls’ community created honour system of no healing during a fight.

A good portion of the update deals with balancing, making changes to weapons damage, armour effectiveness, and spells. Some items have been changed too, such as the very handy Gower’s Ring of Protection, which has been weakened, no longer negating, but instead reducing damage. This is much to the dismay of those who used the ring as a crutch to defeat the Ancient Dragon.

Many changes will no doubt worry some players, but it’s clear that From is clearly trying to improve the PvP element of the title, and has listened to the community.

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Full update details:

Bug fixes, changes and refinements:

Fixed abnormal amounts of damage being caused by certain weaponsAn upper limit has been set to the number of Souls a player can earn when fighting off invading playersFixed the phenomenon where the player is not able to talk to Licia of LindeldtFixed the progression-stopping phenomenon at Heide’s Tower when the host falls off right before the Dragonrider Boss FightFixed the phenomenon in Majula where the door does not open even after moved by Licia of LindeldtFixed the progression-stopping phenomenon when the player talks to Laddersmith Gilligan in Earthen PeakFixed the phenomenon when the poison pond does not disappear when the windmill is burned down and immobilizedFixed the phenomenon when that the poison pond returns after the windmill is burned down and immobilized, and the player is summoned into another world as a Blue Savior then returned to their own worldFixed the loading screen issue when you lose a deathmatch in the Undead PurgatoryFixed the issue where saved data cannot be reloaded if the game is shut down right after the player is caught by the Darksucker, in an oil puddle in Black GulchFixed the phenomenon where items do not disappear from inventory if they are thrown away while they are also being usedFixed the ability to use parry while back-steppingFixed the ability to use parry while invincibleFixed the phenomenon where the player floats in the air if attacked while hanging onto a ropeFixed the phenomenon in Brightstone Cove Tseldora when the Duke’s Dear Freja stops moving after defeating a summoned player in a NG+ playthroughFixed the phenomenon where the Tseldora Den Key cannot be acquired after the confrontational event between Mild-mannered Pate and Creighton the Wanderer in Brightstone Cove TseldoraFixed the phenomenon where sound effects volume does not comply with the optional settings during the fight with the Looking Glass KnightFixed the jumping shortcut at the Shrine of WinterFixed the phenomenon where a summoning signature can be written near a bonfire in Belfry Sol ApproachFixed the phenomenon where the floor trap in the Iron Keep is displayed differently on host and client worlds during multi-playFixed the phenomenon where the resume point is different from where the game was forced-quit after the player diedFixed the issue where the selected message for deletion is not deleted, but a different message is deletedFixed the Halberd weapons sound effects that sometimes do not play when the weapon is swungAdjusted the sound made when the Silver Eagle Kite Shield is hitFixed the issue where the player holding thrusting swords in both hands can cause continuous damage until the opponent’s stamina runs outFixed the phenomenon where the player dual-wields whips and only the Right-hand weapon hits the enemyAdjustments were made so players can get out of the continuous attacks from Syan’s HalberdAdjustments were made so players can get out of the continuous attacks from a player who is dual-wielding with a Straight Sword and with the Red Rust Sword in their left handDefender Greatsword can be enchantedFixed the phenomenon where a heavy attack while holding Pate’s Spear with both hands produces only one hitAdjusted the Strong Attack of the Spider’s Silk when Dual-WieldingLucerne Strong Attack will penetrate shieldsAdjusted the attack element type for the King’s Ultra GreatswordAdjusted the attack element type for the Drakekeeper’s WarpickCorrected the description of the attack type for the Archdrake MaceCorrected the description of the attack type for Drakekeeper’s WarpickFixed the Symbol Markings of “Galib, God of Disease” and “Caitha, Goddess of Tears” on the Name-Engraved RingFixed the issue where the Information text sometimes does not display properlyCorrection to the amount of damage inflicted against other players and enemiesShortened the amount of time stunned when taking damage from multiple attacks

Adjustments that will be made with Regulation 1.08 (all following changes):

Health Recovery Items can no longer be used during any PvP

Increased the matching range for users in online play

Over-all balance adjustments made to weapons, armors, accessories and spells*Please refer to the detailed descriptions below.

Description of the modifications made to the main components and spells:

Increased the durability and lowered the defense levels of the following armor sets (Helm, Armor, Gauntlets, Leggings):Havel’s Armor SetSteel Armor SetGyrm Warrior Armor SetIronclad Armor SetOld Ironclad Armor SetSmelter Demon Armor SetAlonne Knight Armor SetVengarl’s Armor SetMastodon Armor SetRusted Mastodon Armor SetOld Knight Armor SetDrakekeeper Armor SetVelstadt’s Armor SetLooking Glass Armor SetImperious Armor SetDragonrider Armor Set

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Increases the damage of special single attack moves of the following weapons:Bandit’s KnifeManikin KnifeIncreased the attack power of the following weaponsThief DaggerBroken Thief SwordFoot Soldier SwordBlack Flamestone DaggerMail BreakerChaos RapierSpider’s SilkBlack Scorpion StingerRicard’s Rapier (Strong Attack only)Warped SwordManikin SabreScimitarRed Rust ScimitarMelu ScimitarShotelMonastery ScimitarUchigatanaDarkdriftChaos BladeBlacksteel Katana (Strong Attack only)Berserker Blade (Strong Attack only)Bluemoon GreatswordRoyal GreatswordFlambergeKey to the EmbeddedZweihanderSmelter SwordDrakewing Ultra GreatswordDrakekeeper’s Ultra GreatswordLost Sinner’s SwordBattle AxeBandit AxeBound Hand AxeHand AxeInfantry AxeButcher’s KnifeCrescent AxeBandit GreataxeBlack Dragon GreataxeGiant Stone AxeGyrm GreataxeMorning StarReinforced ClubCraftsman’s HammerBlacksmith’s HammerHomunculus MaceMace of the InsolentBlack Dragon WarpickAldia HammerBarbed ClubIron King HammerMalformed SkullGiant Warrior ClubOld Knight HammerDrakekeeper’s Great HammerDragon ToothMalformed ShellArchdrake MaceSpearWinged SpearPikePartizanStone Soldier SpearSpitfire SpearSilverblack SpearHeide SpearPate’s SpearDragonslayer SpearChanneler’s TridentGargoyle BidentGreat ScytheGreat MacheteSilverblack SickleCrescent SickleFull Moon SickleScytheLucerneSantier’s SpearRoaring HalberdOld Knight PikeHelix HalberdBlue Knight’s HalberdOld Knight HalberdDrakekeeper’s WarpickTwinbladeRed Iron TwinbladeCurved TwinbladeDragonrider TwinbladeClawsMalformed ClawsNotched WhipSpotted WhipSorcerer’s StaffWitchtree BranchLight CrossbowHeavy CrossbowShield Crossbow

Decreased the amount of attack power of the following weapons:Drangleic SwordDefender GreatswordLarge Club (Strong Attack only)Pickaxe (Strong Attack only)Great Club (Strong Attack only)Gyrm Great Hammer (Strong Attack only)

Increased the status values of the following weapons:ShotelMonastery ScimitarCurved Dragon GreatswordChaos BladeFlambergeKey to the EmbeddedDrangleic SwordDefender GreatswordGreatswordHand AxeInfantry AxeButcher’s KnifeGiant Stone AxeGyrm GreataxeMorning StarReinforced ClubCraftsman’s HammerBlacksmith’s HammerGyrm Great HammerSpearWinged SpearPikePartizanStone Soldier SpearSpitfire SpearChanneler’s TridentGargoyle BidentFull Moon SickleHelix HalberdBlue Knight’s HalberdOld Knight HalberdWork Hook

Decreased the durability of the Defender Greatsword and Watcher Greatsword

Increased the enchantment statistics Defender Greatsword and Watcher Greatsword

Increased the weight of the Defender Greatsword

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Decrease the weight of the Butcher’s Knife and Old Knight Halberd

Status value added to the Handmaid’s Ladle

Decrease the amount of damage for the following weapons:Malformed Skull (Strong Attack only)Giant Warrior Club (Strong Attack only)Old Knight Hammer (Strong Attack only)Drakekeeper’s Great Hammer (Strong Attack only) oDragon Tooth (Strong Attack only)Malformed Shell (Strong Attack only)Archdrake Mace (Strong Attack only)Channeler’s Trident (Strong Attack and Dual-wielding)Helix Halberd (Strong Attack and Dual-wielding)Drakekeeper’s Warpick (Strong Attack and Dual-wielding)

Increased the amount of self-inflicted damage when using the Chaos Blade

Adjusted the hit detection for the Scythe of Want (Strong Attack only)

Increased the physical cut rate of the Shield Crossbow

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Changes were made to the point of explosion and Blast area of the Old Sun Ring Changes made to the effect of the Gower’s Ring of Protection – does not negate damage anymore, will reduce damage received

Improvements made to the penetrability of Soul Speak and Crystal Soul Spear

Improvements made to the tracking of the following Spells, Hexes, Pyromancy and Miracles:Soul BoltSoul ShowerShockwaveSoul Spear BarrageBlinding BoltPerseveranceCaressing PrayerHeavenly ThunderFireballFire OrbGreat FireballGreat Chaos FireballLingering FlameDark OrbDark HailResonant Soul

Decreased the amount of stamina consumed for the following Spells, Hexes, Pyromancy and Miracles:Soul BoltSoul ShowerFire OrbGreat FireballGreat Chaos FireballLingering FlameIron Flesh

Increased spell usage for the following Spell and Miracle:Cast LightUnveil

Improvements to the durability damage for the following Spells:ShockwaveSoul Spear Barrage

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Decrease the number of multi-hits to the following Spells, Hexes and Pyromancy:Soul VortexFirestormFire TempestChaos StormScraps of LifeLifedrain PatchDarkstorm

Decrease the attack power of the following Miracle:Blinding Bolt

Decreased the number of attunement slots required for the following Miracle and Pyromancy:UnveilImmolation

Decrease the number of uses for the following Miracles and Hexes:Lightning SpearGreat Lightning SpearSunlight SpearEmit ForceSoul AppeaseGreat Resonant SoulProfound Still

Increase the damage for the following Miracle through correction to status values:Lightning SpearGreat Lightning SpearSunlight SpearEmit Force

Increase the hit radius for the Miracle Force

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Increase the effectiveness of the following Pyromancy and Hex:Iron FleshWhisper of Despair (duration and effect)

Decrease the self-inflicted damage of Immolation

Increase the speed of chanting the following Hexes:RepelTwisted Barricade

Decrease to the amount of durability damage done from Dark Hail

Increase the attacking power of Great Resonant Soul

Decrease character mobility while using the following items:Amber HerbTwilight HerbWilted Dusk Herb

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