Dark Souls’ Creator Confirms the Franchise Is Finished

A sad day for gluttons of digital punishment everywhere.

Fans suspected that the recently released Dark Souls III DLC, The Ringed City, would be the final entrant into the Dark Souls franchise, but still held out hope that From Software might somehow find a way to contribute to the world once more. 

Unfortunately, From Software president Hidetaka Miyazaki has seen fit to shoot down those hopes where they stand. 

In an upcoming interview with Famitsu, which has been translated on Twitter by user Black Kite, Miyazaki confirmed that the Dark Souls series is “completely done” as of the release of The Ringed City and that From Software does not “have any future plans” for the series.

While you can never completely shut the door on a possible follow-up to a beloved gaming franchise, Miyazaki does seem committed to no longer being involved with the Dark Souls series. Even though he admits that he didn’t have the chance to implement everything he wanted to implement into each Dark Souls game, Miyazaki describes his work on the series overall as “blessed.” 

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Miyazaki went on to reiterate that he plans to focus on several new endeavors and that he’s “not really concerned” if those games resemble Dark Souls

If you’re a Dark Souls fan who still prefers to hold on to a measure of hope, there is always a chance that Miyazaki and the From Software team could develop another Bloodborne-type experience which draws from the innovations of the Dark Souls series. There is also the strong possibility that someone else takes the reigns of the Dark Souls franchise, which Miyazaki has stated is a possibility. 

For now, though, it does seem that the Dark Souls series is truly finished. That being the case, what a great time to revisit our retrospective on how the game created a new genre or this countdown of the best bosses from the franchise. 

That or play the latest Dark Souls III DLC. The choice is yours. 

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