Cuphead: Nintendo Switch Release Date and Trailer

Cuphead is coming to the Nintendo Switch as part of the expanded relationship between Nintendo and Microsoft.

Cuphead Nintendo Switch Release Date

During the recent Nindies Direct showcase, Nintendo made the surprising announcement that former Xbox One/PC exclusive Cuphead is coming to the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch version of Cuphead is set to release for Nintendo Switch on April 18.

According to an update on the Xbox Wire, the game will support Xbox Live features, which MDHR and Microsoft are working to bring to Switch in time for the game’s release date. There’s no word on the title’s price at this time, but it would be reasonable to expect it to be released for about the same price as the Xbox One and PC version of the game. 

There has also been no word regarding whether or not the upcoming Cuphead expansion, The Delicious Last Course, will also be coming to Nintendo Switch. We imagine that Nintendo would have mentioned if it was during the announcement, but there’s always the possibility that it will be ported to the console at a later date once the expansion has been available as an Xbox exclusive for a few months after its launch. 

If for any reason you missed out on the original Cuphead (likely because you weren’t able to play it on PC or Xbox One), then we highly recommend you jump on this Switch port as soon as it’s available. Cuphead is not only one of the most beautiful games released in recent years, but it just so happens to feature an incredible soundtrack as well as some of the best old-school action platforming this side of the ’80s and early ’90s.

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As excited as we are about Cuphead coming to Nintendo Switch, the bigger story here is the continuing relationship between Microsoft and Nintendo. We’ve seen the two parties work together before on smaller projects, but Nintendo went so far as to say something along the lines of “our friends at Microsoft” when introducing the Switch port of Cuphead.

As Microsoft prepares to unveil a future for Xbox that seems to go well beyond the borders of traditional consoles, we can’t help but wonder what the next stage of this relationship will be. Game Pass on Switch? Rare and Nintendo joining forces once more? Nintendo games coming to Xbox? Anything is possible at this point. 

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