Crackdown 3 Is Described as “A Terry Crews Simulator”

Everyone knows that Terry Crews is in Crackdown 3, but this is more than we expected...

Crackdown 3: Terry Crews

Here’s a weird one: not only is Terry Crews in the upcoming Microsoft game Crackdown 3 but now the American-footballer-turned-actor/activist is saying that the game is essentially “a Terry Crews simulator.”

Sadly, though, this doesn’t seem to mean that you get to play through Crews’ life and act out hilarious yogurt-based skits from Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Indeed, despite how appealing the idea of becoming Crews may be, this is still a Crackdown game and Crews isn’t playing himself in it. Rather, he’s lending his voice and his likeness to a character named Commander Jaxon. You’ll play as this very well built and superpowered agent, during a worldwide power outage and a battle with terrorist enemies in this action-adventure title.

The resemblance between Crews and Jaxon is striking, though, and that seems to be part of what Crews is getting at with this comment. In an interview with Screen Rant, Crews was asked how he would hype up the game if he could only say one thing about it. This is what he went for:

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“This is what I could say: it’s a Terry Crews simulator. Straight up. This is me. In fact, you start out as 14-year-old me, and you grow into the man I am today. You actually get more strength, you start out— You’re like a smaller Terry Crews, you’re 14, with my body style. And then you can learn and grow and become the badass Terry Crews that sits before you right now [laughs].”

Weirdly, this has done quite a lot to raise our hype levels for the game. Taking out villains with superpowered attacks, within some fully destructible environments, did sound fun… but becoming a badass like Mr. Crews himself? Now that is a tantalizing proposition.

Crackdown 3 releases on Xbox One and Windows on Feb. 15.