Control: Remedy Teases Alan Wake DLC

Control's 2020 DLC seems to tie-in to the Alan Wake universe.

Control Alan Wake DLC

An upcoming piece of Control DLC will apparently be related to the Alan Wake universe in some way. 

So, Remedy released the DLC roadmap for Control recently, which is already great news for those who are enjoying one of the more unique and entertaining games of 2019. The Fall DLC will add a photo mode to the game. The December 2019 DLC release, called Expeditions, will add a “challenging new end-game mode in which Jesse must help Security Chief Arish explore the mysterious Formation and its strange surroundings.” A piece of DLC set to be released in early 2020 known as The Foundation remains somewhat mysterious, but Remedy promises that it will also add new end-game content that features “the greatest challenges that the Oldest House can throw at you.”

However, the piece of DLC that’s got everyone’s attention isn’t set to arrive until mid-2020 and is simply known as AWE. While we also don’t know much about this DLC release, it’s artwork features imagery that certainly looks like much of the primary artwork for Remedy’s Alan Wake. Even the name AWE seems to hint at some kind of tie-in to the Alan Wake games. 

There are a few things to break down here. First off, we’ve previously talked about how Control features Alan Wake Easter eggs that do more than just name drop a few of the characters and locations in the game. The Easter eggs suggest that the universes for Control and Alan Wake are deeply entwined. As such, it certainly does seem possible Control would continue the Alan Wake story in some way via this upcoming DLC. 

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In any case, it feels like a given at this point that we’ll receive an Alan Wake sequel at some point. Remedy has previously hinted that they’re interested in making one, and they even worked to secure the console rights of the franchise. As always, the question now is “When will they release Alan Wake 2?”

Considering that we called the original Alan Wake gaming’s greatest Stephen King story, we’re certainly eager to experience more of the Alan Wake universe however we can get it. 

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