Chivalry 2: Release Date, Trailer, Gameplay, and News

Chivalry 2 expands upon the chaos of the original with new 64 player battles. Here's what we know about the game:

Chivalry 2 Trailer and Release Date

Beloved multiplayer medieval melee combat game Chivalry is getting a sequel suitably titled Chivalry 2. This is sure to excite the fans of multiplayer melee combat games on PC.

As revealed at E3 2019 by developer Torn Banner Studios, Chivalry 2 is going to up the ante quite a bit by bumping the player count up to an astonishing 64 combatants. While that’s going to make things significantly more hectic, the studio says that’s kind of the point. The team stated that their goal is to recreate the insanity and chaos of things like the Game of Thrones episode, “Battle of the Bastards.” In pursuit of that goal, they’re also thinking of how to improve some of their existing game modes. 

“The biggest impact the increased scale has is on our Team Objective mode,” said Torn Banner Studios’ president Steve Piggott. “Cinematic ‘battle story’ maps that tell a narrative in multiplayer by having the players move through huge environments across multiple stages and changing objectives contextualized to the era, so that in a single map you are killing peasants, burning houses, smashing gates down with a battering ram and killing the king.”

Maybe more important than the addition of more players is the sequel’s improved combat system. While Torn Banner didn’t go into details regarding what we can expect from this new combat system, the studio did mention greatly improving combat animations, making combat easier to visually comprehend, and adding a bit more gore to the experience. 

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On top of all that, the team teased a few new features, such as the addition of horses (yay), enhanced player customization options, and other improvements that are designed to take on Mordhau, the once-popular king of this particular subgenre that launched on Steam and attracted a large player base in a short amount of time.

Best of all, it’s recently been confirmed that Chivalry 2 will feature cross-play and will even be available for current and next-gen consoles. That should hopefully get the franchise in the hands of as many players as possible.

Here’s everything we know about Chivalry 2:

Chivalry 2 Release Date

Chivalry 2 is still set to be released in 2020 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC via the Epic Games Store.

Chivalry 2 Trailer

The latest trailer for Chivalry 2 reveals the sequel’s console cross-play options and features some incredible medieval warfare action:

This debut trailer offered our first look at Chivalry 2, and it’s still worth checking out if you want a peek at what this unique series is capable of: