CHIKARA: Action Arcade Wrestling – Release Date and Trailer

CHIKARA: Action Arcade Wrestling is a throwback to the glory days of absurd pro wrestling games.

Chikara Arcade Wrestling

A while back, a wrestling game based on the CHIKARA promotion appeared on Indiegogo. After a successful funding campaign, we now have an official trailer for CHIKARA: Action Arcade Wrestling.

For those who don’t know, CHIKARA is an independent wrestling promotion that has featured quite a few world-class wrestlers over the years but is perhaps best known for their zany antics and almost cartoonish wrestling style. 

Well, it’s pretty clear that this game is going to emphasize that style. Its cel-shaded graphics remind us of the Ultimate Muscle series (the most underrated wrestling games of all-time) and things like exploding tables and breathing fire tend to suggest that this won’t be a traditional wrestling experience. 

Gameplay-wise, it seems that Action Arcade Wrestling will live up to its title by emphasizing more arcade-like gameplay. The project’s Indiegogo page hinted that this title will feature a grappling system similar to the one seen in the classic N64 wrestling games, but the game’s website also references arcade wrestling games like WrestleFest and Saturday Night Slam Masters as gameplay inspirations. 

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Action Arcade Wrestling will also feature CHIKARA wrestling talent as well as the ability to create your own wrestlers and arenas. It also boasts an array of wrestling modes and some devastating moves that will seemingly help this title live up to its campaign promise of being the “NFL Blitz-style arcade interpretation of wrestling.” In any case, it should be a nice break from the WWE 2K series and a great holdover until we see that mysterious wrestling game that Yuke’s claims they’re working on. 

CHIKARA: Action Arcade Wrestling is set to release sometime this Fall on Steam. 

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