Capcom Wants to Bring More Games To The Nintendo Switch

The publisher is specifically interested in porting games that were never released for Nintendo consoles.

Capcom is looking to bring even more of their classic games to the Nintendo Switch

According to Dr. Serkan Toto, CEO of Kantan Games, Capcom CEO Kenzo Tsujimoto told Japanese publication The Nikkei that “the home + portable console concept works better than expected and that Capcom wants to port games to the Switch that were not available on Nintendo consoles previously.”

Tsujimoto did not clarify which games that statement refers to. 

What we know for sure is that Capcom is working on a Switch port of the Mega Man Legacy Collections and the upcoming Mega Man X Collection. However, many of those games were already available on Nintendo consoles, so we don’t believe that is what they were talking about here. 

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Instead, we believe this announcement might be in reference to the success of the recent Resident Evil Revelations Switch ports. Both games have been charting on the Switch bestseller list since their release. While those games were generally well-received upon their release, they’ve certainly enjoyed more attention than they have in years by virtue of their simple existence on the Nintendo Switch.

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So what other games could be on the horizon? Well, it feels like there is a distinct possibility that more Resident Evil games might make their way to the Switch. After all, there have been reports for years that Capcom is still working on that long-digesting remake of Resident Evil 2

However, we really wouldn’t write-off any Capcom franchise at this point. Capcom has been talking about bringing back many of their old games as of late. Whether or not that means they’re interested in reviving franchises or simply re-releasing them is difficult to say at this point, but as it relates to this specific statement made by Capcom, we’d guess that we could see something like a “Capcom Classics Collection” for the Nintendo Switch or individual releases of the games that might be included in such a release.