Capcom Struggles as Resident Evil 7 Underperforms

The studio's biggest releases just aren't meeting sales expectations.

A recent report suggests that Capcom is struggling despite the release of several high-profile games in just a few months. 

Capcom recently released their financial earnings report and it seems that none of their recent games have met the company’s sales expectations. For instance, Monster Hunter XX and Dead Rising 4 were expected to sell around 2 million copies a piece. Monster Hunter actually sold around 1.7 million units while Dead Rising 4 apparently failed to even cross the 1 million mark. 

One of the biggest surprises on the report, though, is the performance of Resident Evil 7. Resident Evil 7 has sold about 3.5 million units thus far when it was projected to sell around 4 million units. That doesn’t sound too awful at first until you realize that these estimates are usually conservatively calculated and that these current sales figures mean that Resident Evil 7 may very well end up selling less than the much-maligned Resident Evil 6

Capcom admitted in the report that the underperformance of Dead Rising 4 and Monster Hunter XX forced them to endure quite the fiscal blow. Furthermore, Street Fighter V continues to struggle as the game has sold 1.6 million units to date. Given that Street Fighter IV has sold 8.76 million units thus far, it’s safe to say that the franchise’s fifth installment is going to fall short of even moderate expectations. 

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Capcom must certainly be hoping that Street Fighter‘s performance is not indicative of the fighting game genre’s popularity at the moment as two of their biggest releases still to come in 2017 – Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite and Street Fighter II: The final Challengers – belong to that particular genre. 

The much bigger takeaway from this report is the possibility that Capcom’s most notable franchises just don’t carry the weight that they used to. For a company that has recently suggested that they would like to bring back many of their most popular franchises, that possibility could be devastating. 

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