Capcom Home Arcade: Release Date, Games, and Price

The Capcom Home Arcade features some long lost gem's from Capcom's library.

Capcom Home Arcade

Capcom has announced a new device that comes pre-loaded with some of the studio’s most notable arcade titles. 

Dubbed the “Capcom Home Arcade,” this device is shaped like an old-school arcade cabinet (complete with joysticks) which appears to serve as the Home Arcade’s controller. These joysticks are supposedly designed for high-level accuracy and response times, which should help to ensure that you’re able to play the included titles as they were originally intended. That extends to the ability to play any supporting games either competitively or cooperatively. 

Even better, the Capcom Home Arcade comes with built-in WiFi capabilities that can be used to upload your high scores to a worldwide leaderboard that Capcom set up specifically for this release. Sadly, it doesn’t appear that WiFi can be used to play with other people online. That feature appears to be limited to local play. 

As you might imagine, though, the highlight feature of the Capcom Home Arcade is the games it contains. Overall, there are 16 titles built into the emulator, and some of them are games that you can’t find anywhere else (at least legally). Truth be told, this device might be worth the cost of entry simply because it includes the 1994 game, Alien vs. Predator. This long lost beat ’em up action titles has long been considered one of the best Alien games ever made as well as a gem of its era. It’s a colorful and over-the-top experience that will finally be playable again in some official form. 

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The remaining games in the collection are: 1944: The Loop Master, Armored Warriors, Capcom Sports Club, Captain Commando, Cyberbots, Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors, Eco Fighters, Final Fight, Ghouls’N Ghosts, Gigawing, Mega Man: The Power Battle, Progear, Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting, Strider, and Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo. Not every game included is a bonafide classic (you can probably spot the ones that are), but again, a big part of the appeal in this instance is the fact that many of these games are hard to find in such an ideal format. 

The Capcom Home Arcade is expected to launch on October 25, 2019. A U.S. price hasn’t been revealed as of this writing, but it should cost around $250. 

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