Call of Duty WW2: Shadow War DLC Trailer and Release Date

Call of Duty's Shadow War DLC will explore the weird side of WW2.

The next DLC release for Call of Duty WW2, Shadow of War, will feature the conclusion to the game’s Nazi Zombies mode. 

Details are thin at the moment concerning what the final chapter of Nazi Zombies will deal with – which is certainly understandable – but Sledgehammer stated on the PlayStation Blog that they wanted to “push the fiction as far as we could” and that the goal was to “give the player a sense of creativity as they play.” It also seems that this new chapter will take players deep within a lost city in order to confront the most dangerous foes that the Nazi Zombies mode has ever offered.

There are even hints that players will be able to get their hands on some incredibly powerful new weaponry that should help even the playing field just a bit. 

If you’re not into Nazi Zombies, Shadow of War still has plenty of content to offer. Specifically, multiplayer gamers will be able to access three new maps (Airship, Chancellery, and Excavation) which all focus on some fairly unique scenarios. Airship sees players battle over a grounded Zeppelin, Chancellery requires you to capture and hold a stronghold, and Excavation involves a battle over various financial resources in a mine in Algeria. 

There’s also a new War Mode mission called Operation Arcane. Much like the rest of the DLC, this mission focuses on the shadowy side of the Axis war machine as the attacking players must infiltrate a secret base, commandeer a few secret documents, and destroy what seems to be captured alien technology. Naturally, the outlandish nature of this mode means you can expect it to feature some fascinating new weapons and items. 

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Shadow War will arrive as a timed PS4 exclusive on August 28. Even if you don’t purchase it, you’ll be able to play the content with Shadow War owners from August 28 to October 28.  

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