Call of Duty: Most Gamers Play Less Than Half of Campaigns

Xbox Call of Duty gamers reportedly barely touch the series' campaigns.

A new report suggests that the majority of Xbox Call of Duty players don’t make it to the halfway point of a Call of Duty campaign. 

Statistics gathered from TrueAchievements – which charts information related to the achievement completion percentages among Xbox gamers – reveals that the most thoroughly played Call of Duty campaign since the release of Call of Duty 2 was Modern Warfare 3. That campaign was completed by 25.67% of the people who played it (74.01% of players completed the basic training area). Using a metric that accounts for “the average percentage of unlocked story-line achievements for gamers that have started the game,” that means that Call of Duty 3 enjoys a 35.91% story participation average. 

What’s truly shocking is how few people apparently finished the brilliant Modern Warfare campaign (one of the greatest first-person shooter campaigns ever made). The numbers are apparently even more incredible when you look at the total completion percentage of Call of Duty games. While those numbers were not disclosed in full in this particular article, it seems that only 22% of Xbox gamers finished Call of Duty: WWII‘s campaign. 

TrueAchievements also compare the story participation average of the Call of Duty franchise with that of other popular game franchises. CoD ranks higher than the Fallout series but loses to games like Halo, Battlefield, Batman Arkham, and Gears of War.

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The reason that this story is making the rounds at the moment certainly has something to do with the rumors related to Black Ops IV‘s reported lack of a single-player campaign. Given that the Black Ops series has one of the lowest campaign completion percentages, it’s not hard to see why Black Ops developers might abandon the idea of campaigns entirely. 

So how much do these numbers matter? That depends on how you read them. First off, this only accounts for Xbox gamers. It’s entirely possible that these numbers are different for PC gamers and PlayStation 4 gamers (even though it’s doubtful they are drastically different). Also, there’s not necessarily a correlation between the completion percentage of campaigns and how the presence of a campaign helps sell a game. 

Still, it does seem that there are quite a few people out there who don’t bother to see the end of the average Call of Duty story.