Boss Key Productions Shutdown to be Explained in Cliff Bleszinski Book

Legendary developer Cliff Bleszinski will tell the full story behind the fall of Boss Key Productions.

Cliff Bleszinski will use his upcoming book to finally address the failures of shuttered developer Boss Key Productions. 

On Twitter, Bleszinski shared a snapshot of a page from his upcoming book in which he gives his most thorough take on what happened with Boss Key Studios since the developer closed earlier this year. Bleszinski says that he has refrained from giving interviews about the studio’s closure until this point due to his desire to tell the story in his own words. 

While the screenshot that Bleszinski shared doesn’t reveal many of those words, it does touch on why he decided to leave Epic despite years of success with the studio. He mentions how Chinese technology company Tencent’s “enormous” investment in Epic left him with quite a bit of excess money. From there, he reiterates his love for video games and how he considers those close to him in the industry to be like a “Nerd Mafia.”

The implication seems to be that Bleszinski felt the investment and subsequent “windfall of money” gave him the opportunity to break away from Epic and invest in a more intimate creative venture. We’ll have to wait until the book is released before we hear the full story, though, and Cliffy B says that the book will be released “When. It’s. Done.”

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It will certainly be interesting to hear Bleszinski’s side of the Boss Key story. Had he stayed with Epic, Bleszinksi would have been involved with the release and post-release development of the world’s most popular game, Fortnite Battle Royale. Instead, he went on to make LawBreakers (an underrated multiplayer shooter that never found its market) and Radical Heights (a last-ditch effort to save the company disguised as a battle royale). 

Let’s see whether or not Bleszinski has any regrets over that decision. 

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