BioMutant: First Trailer For New Open-World Kung-Fu RPG

THQ Nordic appears to be publishing a rather odd - yet exciting - open-world adventure.

Initial reports suggested that THQ Nordic is publishing an open-world RPG called BioMutant. Since those reports, THQ Nordic has confirmed the development of the game by releasing the first official trailer for this fascinating project.

The original leak of this game came courtesy of a German magazine which ran an ad for the title before it was ever officially announced. The ad showed a creature holding a melee weapon standing in front of a tropical environment.The ad also referred to BioMutant as a post-apocalyptic kung-fu fable. We’re not entirely sure what that means, but it sure does sound exciting. 

Further research revealed that Sweedish developer X101 seems to be the studio actually working on the game. This information was gathered by an entry on the Linkedin page of one of the studio’s developers who referenced a title that sounded a lot like BioMutant. Since that report, we’ve learned that the development studio in question is largely comprised of developers who worked on open-world titles like Just Cause and Mad Max.

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Amazon has also published what seems to be an official synopsis for the game:

Biomutant is a post-apocalyptic open-world action role-playing game that delivers real-time melee, shooter and mutant ability action. Replayability by varied and deep character progression, exploration of three systematically generated worlds, an underworld and a small solar system, by foot, mech, air-balloon, jetski and UFO. Biomutant also features a fully customizable (MMO style) character and mutation system, bionics and creative item crafting, plus an interactive narrative featuring a contextual storyteller where the players create their own story of survival in a vibrant colourful world.”

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The website also lists the game’s release date as December 2018, but Amazon typically uses December for products without an official release date. However, the original ad did suggest that the game will come out sometime early next year for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. 

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