Bayonetta 3 Possible, New Protagonist Suggested

Fighting classic Bayonetta could get a second sequel - potentially with a male protagonist, according to producer Atsushi Inaba...

Bayonetta may not exactly be a household name, but the two games carrying her name have been little short of brilliant. Combo-heavy fighting games in the mould of Devil May Cry, Bayonetta and its sequel are marked out by their frenzied action and unpredictable level design, where you can be fighting monsters in a garden one minute and slaying demons on the side of a crumbling clock tower the next.

That Bayonetta 2 was a Wii U exclusive limited its audience to a considerable degree, but we’ve remained hopeful that the series’ cult following would be enough to carry it forward. And, if a new interview with series producer Atsushi Inaba’s anything to go by, Platinum Games is still keen to make a Bayonetta 3, too.

“I would like to make Bayonetta 3,” Inaba recently told Source Gaming. “We’re talking within the company even now about what to do. But because we’re constantly talking about it, that actually makes it really hard to say.”

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The more controversial part of the interview contains Bayonetta herself; the studio is, Inaba suggests, thinking about replacing her with another central character – possibly male.

“Maybe there would be a male Bayonetta […] There’s plenty of precedent for changing protagonists, and so that is something we discuss – do we want to keep the same one, have a different one, add new ones – but that’s certainly not anything I can say for sure at this point.”

Replacing Bayonetta with a male protagonist would be a controversial move among the series’ small yet dedicated following, we’d suggest, though it’s possible that Inaba’s just throwing ideas around at this early stage. Bayonetta without the title character wouldn’t really be Bayonetta, after all – a better solution would surely be to introduce some kind of male sidekick as a second selectable character, we’d have thought.

More news on this as we get it.

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