Battlefield 5 DLC Roadmap Revealed

Everything you need to know about Battlefield V's upcoming DLC for 2019.

Battlefield V DLC Roadmap

Battlefield V finally has an updated DLC roadmap that shows you what you can expect from the game for 2019.

According to a recent press release, Chapter 3 of Battlefield V‘s planned DLC is called “Trial by Fire” and will focus on the game’s upcoming Firestorm battle royale mode. While this update includes the release of that mode on March 25, it also features some updates coming in April that will add challenges to the Combined Arms mode. This update extends to June when players will be able to “secure and build objectives to endure the fight” in a new multiplayer mode referred to as Outpost.

June will also see the release of Battlefield’s fourth chapter of DLC, Defying the Odds. That month will include the release of a new multiplayer map (Marita) that takes place in Greece during the late 1940s. Players will also be able to participate in a new 5 vs. 5 mode that occurs in what is described as “tight arenas.” EA will reveal more about this update during the EA Play event later this year. 

Finally, Battlefield‘s fifth DLC chapter (called Awakening the Giant) is set to arrive this Fall. Almost nothing is none about this particular release at this time, but EA has promised that they will reveal more details about this release at a later (unconfirmed) date. 

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Battlefield V is in an interesting place at the moment. Reports indicated that the game lost some of its initial momentum due to the arguably more popular release of Call of Duty: Black Ops IV around the same time last year. However, Battlefield V has a chance to turn things around with the release of its upcoming Firestorm battle royale mode. While it faces some stiff competition in the form of Apex Legends (which was also published by EA, no less), the fact that many are underwhelmed by Apex Legends first battle pass means that Battlefield V might just be able to carve a niche for itself in an increasingly competitive market.

While we’d like to know more about the game’s other upcoming DLC, it’s nice to know that there’s quite a bit of content on the horizon to look forward to. 

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