Balrog and TJ Combo Duke it Out in the Latest Death Battle

ScrewAttack puts Street Fighter's fist for hire up against the redemptive anti-hero from Killer Instinct and it's awesome!

You can always count on Death Battle to give you an entertaining twenty minutes every three weeks. In each installment, hosts Ben Singer (playing the science-oriented Wiz) and Chad James (playing the explosion-oriented Boomstick) pair up two similar fictional characters, go over their backstories, abilities, weapons, and weaknesses, then make them fight it out and explain why the winner won via existing lore, science, and logic.

Whether it’s Superman vs. Goku, Hulk vs. Doomsday, He-Man vs. Lion-O, Joker vs. Sweet Tooth, Mr. Satan vs. Dan Hibiki, or even Chuck Norris vs. Sagata Sanshiro, you’re usually going to get an informative lead-up to a fun fight to the death.

This week’s installment is one of their all-time best. Street Fighter’s Balrog goes one-on-one with Killer Instinct’s TJ Combo in a contest over who is the better pugilist. It’s the first time Death Battle has matched up these two games, but going in, Street Fighter characters have a 3-6 win/loss record while Killer Instinct has a less harrowing 2-2.

Anyway, go give this episode a look. If anything, the fight itself, animated by Torrian Crawford, is a wonderful thing and has its share of badass moments.

Pretty psyched by the next episode too.

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Gavin Jasper still can’t figure out a good Death Battle opponent for Juggernaut. Follow Gavin on Twitter!