Back 4 Blood: Everything We Know About New Left 4 Dead Studio Game

Turtle Rock Studios, the team behind the beloved Left 4 Dead series, is back with new co-op zombie shooter Back 4 Blood!

Back 4 Blood: New Left 4 Dead Game

Turtle Rock Studios is returning to the co-op shooter genre with Back 4 Blood, a spiritual successor to the developer’s beloved Left 4 Dead series. While we still know very little about Back 4 Blood‘s gameplay, we know that it will feature four players facing off against a horde of zombies — the kind of experience fans have been begging Turtle Rock to revisit for years. 

According to Turtle Rock’s website, the game will feature both a campaign as well as PvP, although the studio didn’t go into specifics about what form the competitive multiplayer will take. We imagine Back 4 Blood will feature something reminiscent of Left 4 Dead‘s Versus mode, which pit survivors against a team of zombies. One thing is certain: the PvP element isn’t a battle royale mode, according to the developer. 

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Turtle Rock is also teasing some innovations that will help fans experience co-op zombie shooters in new ways. As far as the Left 4 Dead comparisons are concerned, the developer wants fans to know that Back 4 Blood won’t just be a rehash of what came before. 

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“You’ll be able to shoot up a lot of zombies like in Left 4 Dead, but there’s a whole lot of new stuff in Back 4 Blood which makes it unique.”

According to the press release, Back 4 Blood is “designed from the ground up as an original, premium title and marries the best of what made the co-op zombie shooter so successful with new features and state-of-the-art technology” and will “advance the co-op zombie genre forward with innovative multiplayer gameplay.”

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Back 4 Blood Release Date

The game is coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. No release date has been set, but we’ll probably have to wait a while before seeing anything concrete, as the title is believed to still be in early development.

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