Marvel’s Avengers Game Director Teases Captain Marvel and Hank Pym

How do Captain Marvel and Hank Pym fit into Marvel's Avengers? We asked game director Shaun Escayg...

Virgin Media hosted a special preview event of the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers in London last week, and Shaun Escayg, the game’s creative director/writer, was on-hand to answer questions. We jumped at the chance to ask Escayg about two characters that have been teased in the game’s promotional materials: Carol Danvers (aka Captain Marvel) and Hank Pym (aka Ant-Man).

It has already been confirmed that the shape-shifting young superhero Kamala Khan (aka Ms. Marvel) will play a key role in the game, picking up Inhuman superpowers early on and then reuniting Earth’s Mightiest Heroes a little while later. As well as Kamala, you’ll also be able to play as Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and Black Widow.

Although we haven’t seen Captain Marvel in the game’s trailers yet, we have seen some pretty big clues that allude to her: Kamala wears a Captain Marvel TV shirt and hangs a Captain Marvel keyring from her bag. These little pieces of merchandise seem to confirm that, just like in the comics, Kamala will take inspiration from Carol Danvers in the game.

So does Kamala’s fandom point to Captan Marvel’s own existence in the game?

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“Yeah, I mean, she’s a super fan of Captain Marvel,” Escay says. “So, you know, again, it’s staying true to her DNA and the history of that character. And you know, Carol Danvers is very iconic, and she is the first person that [Kamala] basically polymorphs into.”

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It’s unclear at this stage whether we will see Captain Marvel in the game as a fully-fledged character, but it’s fun to know that she exists in this universe and has an impact on Kamala. Certainly, the traditional Ms. Marvel origin story would need a fair bit of rewriting if Captain Marvel weren’t a part of it.

Was Escayg tempted at all to follow that line of thought? Did he consider taking Captain Marvel and her position as a role model out of the equation, a bit like the Venom movie that removed Spider-Man from the sinister symbiote’s story?

“No, no,” Escayg assured us. “It is integral to have her be that.”

We also asked Escayg about Hank Pym’s role in the game. A younger-than-Michael-Douglas version of the character has been glimpsed in the game’s trailers, wielding something that looks a lot like a big shrink ray. The yellow detailing on the weapon’s design looks similar to the robots and weapons deployed by the scientists of Advanced Idea Mechanics (aka AIM), who will serve as major opponents to the Avengers throughout the main narrative of the game. After being caught up in a tragedy during the game’s opening mission, the Avengers will disband and allow AIM’s scientific peace-keeping solutions to rise up in their place.

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“Well, you know, the world without the Avengers is basically a world dominated by AIM and it sort of pushes this ‘the cost of freedom’ question, right? Or the cost of security. So AIM has now dominated this new environment, with this vacuum created with no Avengers, and everyone is at the mercy of AIM. And as a fellow scientist, Hank Pym becomes kind of wrapped up in the same sort of plight as the Avengers,” Escayg says in regards to how Hank Pym fits into the AIM plot. “He was sort of bought into what the AIM philosophy at one point was, but as it has corrupted itself, he has now moved away from that perspective to fight the good fight.”

We don’t know if Hank Pym will suit up as Ant-Man in the game, or if we’ll get to play as Captain Marvel, but more will surely be revealed when the game launches on May 15 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia.

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