Auto Age: Standoff Combines G.I. Joe and Twisted Metal

Non-copyright claimed Autobots...roll out!

Imagine if the ’80s Saturday morning cartoon multi verse suffered through an apocalypse and decided to adopt a Mad Max/Twisted Metal-ish society where the king of car combat reigns supreme. 

That’s roughly the premise that fuels Auto Age: Standoff.

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Auto Age: Standoff comes to us from developer Phantom Compass whose previous game, Rollers of the Realm, combined pinball and kingdom conquering. This one is a little more strange. The game’s style is described as “1980 Meets 2080” which is certainly quite accurate. Not since Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon have we seen a game so in love with the world of ’80s pop culture (particularly ’80s cartoons). The game even features a couple of catchy theme songs.

But what about the gameplay? Well, there’s certainly a bit of Twisted Metal in the formula. Much like that series, Auto Age requires you to shoot down opposing vehicles using a variety of weapons. However, Auto Age adds a team element to the madness which the developers compare to a MOBA. Every vehicle features different attributes that allow them to essentially function as Auto Age‘s equivalent of tanks or support. 

Based on what we’ve seen, however, Auto Age doesn’t quite demand players to form the perfect meta team comp. It actually looks closer to Ice Hockey for the NES. The big cars are for muscle, the smaller ones allow you to perform quick strikes, etc. 

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Thankfully, Auto Age supports everything from split-screen multiplayer to 12-player online combat. As such, you shouldn’t have much trouble finding a match. 

Auto Age: Standoff is set to release on Steam on September 21st. 

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