Author Ty Franck Reveals He’s Working with From Software on a Mysterious Project

The co-creator of The Expanse and the developers of Dark Souls have previously worked on an unknown game.

The Expanse co-creator Ty Franck outed himself as a not-so-secret video game fan when he shared some passionate comments regarding the ending of Mass Effect 3, but it turns out that Franck might be doing much more than simply playing video games. 

In an interview with Glixel, Franck was asked whether or not he enjoys Dark Souls, the series that serves as a litmus test for modern hardcore gamers. Not only is Franck a fan of the games, but it turns out that he’s been in contact with developer From Software regarding some business matters.

“Yeah, I actually have done some work with FromSoftware so… I’m, like, writing stuff for them, so I’m pretty familiar with the Dark Souls franchise,” said Franck. He wasn’t able to share much regarding his work due to “NDA and stuff,” but he did state that the work he’s referring to is in the past and not ongoing.

The fact that Franck invoked NDA even though he says he had previously worked for From Software is certainly odd. Typically, those agreements apply to projects which haven’t been released or – in som cases – will not be released due to contractual reasons. While it’s possible that Franck served as a silent consultant on a previously released game, the more interesting possibility is that he had contributed something in the past to an unreleased project. 

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We do know that From Software is currently working on several new projects, one of which happens to be the Armored Core series. The sci-fi world of the Core series would seem to be the best home for Franck’s talents, but there’s also a chance that he could have worked with From on their mysterious new project which they claim represents a departure from Dark Souls and some of the other things they have worked on before.