Atari Developing New Night Driver for Mobile Devices

It looks like your letters and petitions finally paid off.

If you promise to contain your excitement and not start fainting and screaming like the teens in those old videos of The Beatles on tour, then we’ll happily tell you that Atari is working on a new Night Driver game for mobile devices. 

Yes, Night Driver. No, we didn’t remember which one Night Driver was either when we first heard this news. 

After a little journalistic research, though, we recalled that Night Driver was first released in arcades in 1976. This revolutionary racing game required you to participate in night races – colors were tricky back then – and is considered to be one of the earliest examples of a first-person racing game as well as one of the first instances of a game featuring real-time first-person graphics. While absolutely primitive by today’s standards, Night Driver was pretty mind-blowing back in its day and certainly helped shape the racing genre. 

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It’s only natural, then, that it’s modern-day equivalent be a fairly generic looking racing title. 

The first screenshot of the mobile Night Driver game makes it look like every other mobile racing game in existence. It does take place at night – kudos to the developers for absolutely nailing that aspect – but we can’t help but be a little put-off by the fact that it doesn’t appear to even be a first-person racing title. 

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The official description of the game also does little to inspire. According to that summary, Night Driver “offers a range of different slick and powerful vehicles that players can race down the illuminated highway in an exhilarating wild ride under the night sky.” You’ll also apparently be able to upgrade your car and participate in multiplayer matches. Be still thy clogged heart. 

In all seriousness, though, we’re sure that Night Driver will be a perfectly acceptable mobile racer. It’s just that it’s hard to really think the best of Atari these days when they’ve announced things like the still-mysterious Ataribox and an Atari brand of cryptocurrency