Arma 3 Will be Steam Only Exclusive

We've received an announcement from the battlefront...

Bohemia Interactive, the creative minds behind the Arma series, has announced that Valve’s Steam will be required to play their upcoming Arma 3.

Project Lead Joris-Jan van’t Land explains that the move is majorly attributed to the recent incident in Greece, which found two of their developers in captivity in a Greek prison for six months, putting the Arma 3 development majorly behind schedule. 

If the company were’t to utilize Steam, the game could otherwise not be released in 2013.

“As an independent developer, we’re constantly evaluating the way we develop, distribute and publish games. Valve made tremendous improvements to their system, which made the installation/update process much more user-friendly – for both developers and customers“ , adds Bohemia Interactive’s founder and CEO, Marek Španěl.

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“We realize that some people may find it difficult to migrate to a new platform, especially if they were used to purchasing and playing our games without any external third-party application. We have evaluated the pros and cons, but in the end Steam enables us to release Arma 3, brings massive advantages to the game, and improves the end-user experience. Not to forget, the majority of our players already come from Steam.“

What are your thoughts about Arma 3 heading to Steam?  Personally, I think it’s actually a great move for the Arma franchise.  For one, it’ll give the game more exposure to more players.  Secondly, user-generated content, including maps, are made possible by Steam’s ease of use, which only leads to more opportunities to enjoy the game in different ways.

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