Apocalypse Now Video Game Moves Away From Kickstarter

The project is still being worked on, but its developers are pursuing an independent fundraising campaign.

Quick, which smash-hit film of the ’70s would you most like to see turned into a video game? If you answered “1979 divorce drama Kramer vs. Kramer“…well, we like the way you think. 

Still, Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now is a pretty good second option. 

Yes, even though it’s been 38 years since Apocalypse Now survived a complicated shooting schedule and plunged filmgoers everywhere into a cinematic heart of darkness, Coppola’s production studio American Zoetrope have decided to team up with a “team of entertainment and games industry veterans” to bring us the Apocalypse Now video game adaptation you didn’t know you wanted until right now. 

According to the project’s original Kickstarter page, the plan is for this game to loosely follow the structure of the film. Players will step into the shoes of Captain Benjamin Willard and help him complete the daunting task of assassinating Colonel Walter E. Kurtz. While the game adheres to the timeline of the film, players will be able to make their own decisions during the course of the adventure which may impact how certain major movie moments play out. 

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Interestingly, the game is being billed as more of a survival horror experience that plays out in the jungles of Vietnam rather than as a simple shooter. We’re warned not to expect “Call of Duty in Vietnam” but rather a methodical adventure that encourages players to maximize limited resources and their personal skillset in order to survive. 

As fascinating as that sounds, it’s not quite as fascinating as what’s been happening recently regarding the project’s crowd funding efforts. Apocalypse Now‘s developers have decided to cancel the game’s Kickstarter campaign and move their fundraiser over to a website designed specifically for this project. The biggest change, however, isn’t the venue but rather the campaign total. The Apocalypse Now team were initially asking for $900,000 on Kickstarter, but are now seeking a whopping $5.9 million through this new website. 

According to the team, this new total reflects the amount required in order to create “an authentic game that the people want to play.” As for the new website, the team claims that it will help them better communicate with the people supporting this project so that they can easily take in feedback and provide updates. 

It’s still not entirely clear why this communication would not have been possible via Kickstarter. However, perhaps in an effort to quell fan fears, the developers have assured fans that they will not withdraw any donations unless the full fundraising goal is met. While they are also allowing those who donated to the game via Kickstarter to transfer their donations to this new site, so far the relaunched project has raised a little over $65,000 whereas it had previously raised over $170,000 through Kickstarter. 

As there appears to be no real time limit to this new fundraiser, however, the team has plenty of time to meet their goal.