Apex Legends Trailer Showcases New Map

Apex Legends is getting a new map. What does this mean for future updates?

apex legends new map

Apex Legends is getting a new map for its third season.

The new map, called World’s Edge, is showcased in featured in the game’s lastest cinematic trailer. While that trailer doesn’t show off every corner of this new world, it does reveal a few key landmarks such as a large ice section complemented by what appears to be a fiery volcano. There are also geysers that players can use to launch themselves into the air. A train plays a starring role in the trailer as well, but it’s not clear at this time how (or if) that will figure into the map’s final design. 

Based on what we’re hearing, though, it sounds like that train will effectively serve as this map’s equivalent of the dropship featured on the original Apex Legends map. That is to say that it will likely be a constantly moving feature on the map that houses some pretty sweet drops that you’ll have to fight for. 

The most interesting aspect of this new map, though, is that it exists at all. One of the last significant Apex Legends updates changed the game’s original map through the addition of some new structures and creatures. That update led many people to assume that Apex Legends was going to go the Fortnite route by introducing changes to its existing map rather than add entirely new maps to the game. 

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Now, it’s not clear what the game’s update direction will be. It could be that Apex Legends will adopt a hybrid approach by both adding new maps and updating new ones, but our best guess is that each new map will likely receive one update at most before a new map is added to the game. 

In any case, we’ll see how good this new map is when it’s added to the game on October 1 as part of Apex Legends Season 3 kickoff which will also add a new playable hero to the game

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