Apex Legends: Respawn Reveals Limited Time Solo Mode

Apex Legends is finally getting a solo mode, but it may not be a permanent addition to the game.

Apex Legends Solo Mode

It has been confirmed that Apex Legends, Respawn and EA’s battle royale game, is adding a single-player mode called Solos for a limited time period. The game’s original set-up is built around playing in squads of three within a map of roughly 60 players overall. 

The free-to-play title became a smash hit, basically instantaneously, clocking up 25 million users in its launch week back in February. That hugely successful arrival on the scene seems to be proof that the Netflix-style surprise drop model can very much work in the gaming market.

And now, Respawn will offer a new way to play with Solos mode, with the limited time ‘Iron Crown Collection Event’ that begins on 13 August and ends on 27 August. This was revealed in an Apex Legends solo mode trailer that was shared on social media, which declares that ‘only one can wear the crown’.

The addition of a solo mode was rumored back in February after a data miner posted their findings on Twitter, which seemed to suggest that both a ‘solo’ and ‘duo’ mode could be coming to Apex Legends. Now we know that the solo part of this rumor was accurate, at least.

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Of course, Fortnite remains the one to beat in this ever-more-crowded market, and adding new modes would be one way for Apex Legends to continue its bid for the battle royale throne. The more ways people can play your game, after all, the more chances there are that players will keep coming back and continue pestering all their mates to do the same.

We don’t know the exact specifics of how Solos mode will work, but we’re sure that Apex Legends fans are looking forward to finding out. It’s also unclear whether Respawn is planning to make Solos a permanent feature at a later date, but we’d wager that the success of this event will be a determinating factor in that discussion. Basically, if you play and love this mode, you might want to shout about it loudly.

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