Anthem Rumor Suggests That BioWare Is Redesigning the Game

A new report hints that BioWare is working on a significant Anthem overhaul.

Anthem sequel BioWare

A report from Kotaku’s Jason Schreier suggests that BioWare is looking to essentially reboot Anthem via some significant changes to the game. 

The report is quick to note that sources close to this story suggest that even BioWare (and parent company EA) isn’t entirely sure what these changes are going to look like or how they will be released. Early speculation suggests that Anthem will either benefit from a massive expansion that adds a ton of new content and changes to the game (the report compares that hypothetical expansion to Destiny‘s Taken King expansion), a series of updates designed to gradually improve the Anthem experience, or even a new release that is being referred to as Anthem Next or Anthem 2.0.

Distribution aside, the more interesting question at this time is “How will BioWare improve Anthem?” Again, early speculation indicates that nothing is being taken off the table in regards to the possibility of overhauling Anthem‘s core systems. In fact, it really sounds like Anthem is going to look almost completely different by the time that these updates are done. That means changes to the game’s loot, quests, social interaction elements, world, and much more. 

Again, though, we really need to emphasize that all of this information seems largely speculative at this time and that neither EA or BioWare have formally commented on this report. However, Jason Schreier has been a reliable source for such early reports in the past, and there’s really no reason to suggest that any of this information is inaccurate to the best of his knowledge. 

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Besides, does anyone think that BioWare and EA aren’t interested in overhauling Anthem? Anthem‘s problems have been well documented, and the game is rapidly becoming “Exhibit A” in the increasingly popular theory that EA has ruined BioWare (or contributed to its creative downfall). The few attempts to update Anthem that have been released thus far have done almost nothing to help the game’s awful reputation

Whether or not an overhaul of Anthem will even be enough to get people to care about this game (especially now that Destiny 2 is entering such a fascinating phase of its lifecycle) remains to be seen. 

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