Anthem: Neill Blomkamp Releases Short Film

Neill Blomkamp and BioWare have finally shared the director's Anthem short film.

Anthem Blomkamp Project

BioWare and Neil Blomkamp have released the director’s Anthem short film. Titled Conviction: An Anthem Story (or just Conviction if you prefer). This short explores the world of Anthem decades before the event of the game. At least we’re pretty sure that’s what’s happening. The short is not exactly clear in terms of the plot, characters, and exact relation to the game. It’s actually more of a trailer than anything. 

Still, it looks beautiful and does a pretty good job at selling the Anthem universe and makes us a little more excited to see what the full game is going to contain. So, we suppose it does its job. It would have been nice if this was more of a standalone narrative, though. 

For those who missed the initial announcementDistrict 9 director Neill Blomkamp teased a project related to BioWare’s Anthem via this Twitter post. There was no proof of what Blomkamp was working on at the time, but considering that Blomkamp also directed some of those incredible shorts for Halo 3, most people assumed that it would be something along the same lines.

It also makes sense that BioWare/EA would greenlight such a project when you consider that BioWare is trying to sell gamers on the idea that Anthem is going to be more narrative-based than some of its competition. Some short films related to the Anthem universe from a high-profile director like Blomkamp would certainly help accomplish that. 

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In any case, Blomkamp has been pretty busy in the video game world as of late. Aside from his supposed involvement in Anthem, he’s also had the chance to take an early look at the next first-person shooter from the Alien: Isolation team.

As for Anthem, it’s a promising multiplayer game that will have to overcome some stiff competition (and EA’s reputation for ruining projects) in order to make the kind of impact that developer BioWare likely needs it to make

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