Anthem Developer BioWare Wants to Make Smaller Games

The studio known for epic experiences like Anthem wants to pivot to make more experimental games.

BioWare general manager Casey Hudson and Anthem executive producer Mark Darrah recently spoke with Game Informer and expressed their desire to make smaller, stranger games. 

“I think some of the things that are coming, in the way that we’re doing things in BioWare and the way that EA is working and the industry is going, I think it is starting to afford the opportunity for us to do some things that are more experimental,” said Hudson. “I would like to get to a place where, yes, we’re doing our big next thing, but maybe we’re also kind of doing a few experiments. I want to get to where we can kind of do the equivalent of getting short films out there to people and saying, ‘Hey, we got a bunch of things we want—creative ideas we want to get out. And so try this piece and have a look at this thing.’ And kind of see what people like.” 

Darrah believes that triple-A publishers like EA will soon “start diversifying the scale of their games” in order to produce smaller experiences that are “intended to be consumed more quickly.” While he doesn’t put a name to the kind of projects that the team would like to work on, his suggestions hint at BioWare’s desire to move away from ensuring that every one of their games is a 50 hour+ epic and to focus on producing more indie-like experiences. 

Hudson expanded on the studio’s wishes by referencing games like Rockstar Table Tennis and Blood Dragon as the kind of off-the-wall projects that BioWare wants to work on at some point. As for whether or not he truly feels those titles are viable in the modern age, Hudson references the popular belief that there is a new breed of indie titles emerging in the industry. 

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“I think there’s middle ground,” said Hudson. “I’ve heard it called ‘triple-A indie,’ which is that sort of high production value, but still smaller scale, smaller budget.” 

Whether or not BioWare is able to make such games may depend on whether Anthem is a financial success.