Anthem: BioWare Teases Raids and Post Launch Content

Despite some initial problems, BioWare has ambitious long-term plans for Anthem.

BioWare Raids Anthem

While Anthem‘s first demo did not have gone according to plan, BioWare is confident that the game will find its footing and an audience when it launches on February 22. However, even those that have bought into Anthem don’t really know what to expect from the game once they’ve completed the initial content offerings. Thankfully, it seems that BioWare has plans in place for the game’s post-launch content, and those plans partially consist of raids that the studio isn’t quite ready to refer to as “raids.”

“The problem with ‘raid’ is it has a connotation,” said Anthem producer Ben Irving in an interview with Eurogamer. “It requires more people or has five bosses in a circle. That’s why I’m using the word ‘aspiration content.’In other games a raid is that and while I think that is important to a game like ours, we have an idea which is different but ticks the needs of why a raid is important…It’s the thing you’ll schedule with your buddies, will be hard, requires tons and tons of coordination and then there will be ways to show off if you are good at that or not.”

BioWare’s apparent refusal to compare Anthem‘s “raids” to raids in other games seems to suggest that element of the game isn’t going to be quite different from the raids we’ve seen in titles like Destiny. How different they will remains to be seen, but BioWare’s plans for Anthem‘s raids might have something to do with their ambitious plans for Anthem‘s ever-changing world and story. 

“You’re not always going to be seeing the exact same stuff,” said Irving. “Things can change – you don’t always understand why – but things happen in the world. We have plans and ideas to pay off on that…[NPCs] have a bunch of things to say and then they’ll run out of stuff to say and then we’ll add some more things! The cadence of that we have to work out – we believe telling an ongoing narrative is important so in our story planning we’ve mapped out several years of the story arc, where things go.” 

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However, BioWare admits they haven’t mapped out all of the game’s story beats as of yet. For instance, the company is still toying with how much of the story will be told through traditional cutscenes and how much will be told through specific mission events. They also caution fans to understand that Anthem is going to be an ongoing game and that they plan on overcoming any initial hurdles

“Any new live service will have its stumbling blocks,” says Irving. “Because that could happen – and I don’t think it will happen and I hope it doesn’t – but we have enough resources to really make a great go at this live service – and that should hold true no matter what happens in the first month or two.”

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