Android Phones Can Play Floppy Disk Games

A new video shows how you can run some classic floppy disk games on Android devices.

If you happen to have a few old floppy disk games sitting around that you’d like to take for one more spin. There might be a new way to do so that doesn’t involve digging up an old PC. 

In the video above, YouTube channel LGR takes a look at what it takes to get an Android phone to recognize a USB floppy disk drive. It turns out that the process is much simpler than you’d probably think it would be. Basically, you’re going to need a USB floppy disk drive (it seems that most will work), a USB mobile connector used to connect a USB plug to your phone, and a floppy disk compatible with your drive.

When you’ve assembled all of the pieces of Exodia, you should be able to hook your phone up to the drive. From there, it’s just a matter of playing with the phone’s settings that it recognizes what you’re trying to do (which, to be fair, you’re making your smartphone a much dumber device). You’ll have to play around with a few settings, but you should be able to get your phone to boot information from the floppy disk. If said information is a game, you’re even able to control it with the on-screen keyboard. 

If you’re feeling like a more authentic experience, you can always follow the directions included in the latter part of this video and hook up an old-school keyboard to your phone. Just be aware that doing so might constitute taking things a bit too far. 

Actually, this entire experiment is more of a technological curiosity than it is a practical way to experience some classic floppy disk games. While it works surprisingly well, we’re going to go ahead and guess that most people aren’t actually interested in lugging around a portable floppy disk drive just to play some retro games. There are much easier ways to play retro games on Android if that’s what you happen to be into. 

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Then again, who are we to say how much you really want to play Commander Keen?

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