Amnesia Mod Offers Lovecraft Horror Without the Scares

The Shadow of the Ramlord offers an Amnesia-like experience minus all the scares.

Shadow of the Ramlord Amnesia Mod

A new Amnesia mod looks to turn the terrifying original games into something that even the most frightened gamers can enjoy. Yes, this new mod (titled The Shadow of the Ramlord) is an Amnesia game minus most of the horror found in the Amnesia series and games that follow the Amnesia school of horror design

“Our custom story is very much directed towards the player who enjoys a deliberate pace, absorbing the narrative and level design clues, and feeling immersed in a story-first experience,” writes the mod’s creators on the project’s diary page. “Ramlord is very much for those who found things to like from Machine for Pigs or SOMA, even though the style and delivery is very unique to Dark Craft Studios, being familiar to any who have played my catalog of Lovecraftian mods for Crysis before this.”

As the mod’s creator mentions, The Shadow of the Ramlord isn’t actually an Amnesia game in terms of its lore but rather uses the Amnesia engine as the basis for a first-person adventure based on some of the storytelling ideas and atmospheric design of Lovecraftian horror. The difference is that there’s very little “horror” in this game in terms of things that are going to jump out and try to outright scare you. Instead, the horror comes through the generally foreboding atmosphere and some of the more subtle design details. 

The idea of a horror-themed project that isn’t trying to be outright scary is something we’ve seen in other mediums, but there aren’t many games (except for SOMA which recently offered a kind of scareless mode) really aim to offer that. However, it’s a truly fascinating concept. The Amnesia games (and titles like SOMA) are indeed scary, but they’re also clever and atmospheric titles with fascinating stories. A project like this that allows gamers to experience the things that make those games great without having to suffer through fright after fright is something that we’d love to see a major studio explore. 

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For now, though, we’ll just have to rely on this project which the mod’s creator says will be his last foray into “video game/mod design.” While he has hinted that he might try to pursue a career related to the industry, he describes The Shadow of The Ramlord as his “swansong” for his current mod production studio. 

The Shadow of the Ramlord is available now as a free mod for the PC version of Amnesia: The Dark Descent. 

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