Amnesia Developer Working On First Non-Horror Game

Developer Frictional has two titles in the works and only one of them may be giving you nightmares.

Given how successful Amnesia: The Dark Descent and SOMA were, perhaps it should come as no surprise to learn that developer Frictional Games is working on two new projects. What is surprising is their recent announcement that one of these games is not a horror title. 

Frictional Games creative director Thomas Grip recently sat down with Wow 24/7 and revealed the famed horror development studio is working on a brand new title that will apparently not scare the wits off everyone who comes near it.  

“We want to spread out on what Frictional does. We don’t just want to be ‘the horror guys,'” said Grip in the interview. It doesn’t sound like the team will be working on a jovial cartoon platformer, however, as Grip did note that the non-horror game deals with “depressing facts about the world and making them into an experience.”

As for what we can specifically expect from either the horror game or this bold new non-horror venture, it appears that Frictional Games isn’t quite ready to say at this time. However, Grip did drop several hints throughout his interview, including his desire to replicate the way that SOMA got people interested in something that he was personally very interested in, and the idea that Frictional’s next games will feature a little more traditional gameplay following accusations that SOMA was little more than a walking simulator. He did also note, though, that he doesn’t currently want to make a project that’s quite as “gamey” as Amnesia was. 

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Grip’s closing statement of “We want to be the ones coming up with games other people imitate,” certainly does seem to indicate that Frictional is ready to make some bold moves with their next projects. Although there is no current release date for either of these games, Grip did indicate that we should know more about them sometime in the fall.