Alien: Blackout Survival Mode Revealed

Mobile game Alien: Blackout is getting a new survival mode that will put your skills and courage to the test.

Alien Blackout Survival

Mobile game Alien: Blackout is getting a new mode designed to appeal to hardcore players that want to see how long they can survive against some pretty incredible odds.

“In Alien: Blackout’s SURVIVE mode, players will have no saves between levels and no restarts, and must outsmart and survive the Xenomorphs aboard the Weyland-Yutani space station with only 3 power slots,” reads the official description of the game from developers D3 Go!, Rival Games, and Theory Interactive. “With only one chance to make it out alive, players will assume the role of Amanda Ripley and guide their crew to safety. Once they lose a crew member to the threat aboard the space station, they will be gone forever.”

Based on the description provided by the studio, it certainly does sound like this upcoming mode is perhaps best described as a very hard mode version of the game. While it sounds like most of the mode will play out exactly the same as the rest of the game, the fact that you are deprived of so many resources means that you’re likely going to struggle to see the end of this journey. Those that do will be able to compete for a spot on the new mode’s leaderboards.

Alien: Blackout‘s SURVIVE mode should be available soon. Those interested in playing it can download the mobile game on iOS and Android for $2.99 for a limited time. 

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It’s a strange time for Alien games. While we actually found Alien: Blackout to be a respectable mobile take on some of Alien: Isolation‘s ideas, gamers are still waiting for the next major adaptation of the Alien franchise. There have been rumors of multiple games in development, but we’ve yet to see these games come into fruition. However, it does feel safe to say that Alien: Isolation developer Creative Assembly’s upcoming first-person shooter won’t be a continuation of the Alien franchise

We’d also love to see some classic Alien titles like the Alien arcade game and Alien vs. Predator 2 get revisited, but the odds of that seem pretty slim due to the various licenses associated with these games. 

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