Alan Wake: has it been found?

It seems after a year or two of nothing, Alan Wake is about to step out of the gaming wilderness. We find out what's what...

Mr A Wake. See what they did there?

It was only recently that we questioned what had happened to one of the most promising looking games of recent times, Alan Wake. Had it become another Duke Nukem Forever, disappearing into a cauldron from which the occasional screenshot would emerge, and not a lot more? Or was it just that developer Remedy was keeping to its promise to keep schtum unless it actually had something to say? Whichever, what was certain was that nothing had been heard from the game – billed as a psychological thriller – for a couple of years, in spite of occasional rumours that new footage was to be shown.

And yet we may have, finally, had some kind of breakthrough. Remedy’s previous games, the Max Payne titles, have just about completed their journey to the big screen. The Max Payne movie (from which we have some concept art here) is set to be released from the middle of October (the UK gets it a month later), and rumours emerged from Pelaaja – a Scandinavian gaming site – that a trailer for the game would be attached to the cinema release of the film in Finland. The translation of the rumour read along the lines of “It’s our great pleasure to announce that, after two years of silence, Alan Wake is going to be showcased by Remedy in the form of a new trailer”. ‘Super Moderator’ Morry than chipped in with “The only event we can confirm is the trailer at this point, consider everything else a rumour”.

As with most Alan Wake rumours, this was generally acknowledged yet dismissed. But that didn’t stop there being levels of interest in the story, and this has since been followed up by the website Videogaming 247. Quoting a Finnish source, the site reports that the rumour of an Alan Wake trailer is “100 percent true”, going on to suggest that further news on the game is set to be published in Pelaaja by the end of the week.

Furthermore, over at the Alan Wake forums, the Forum’s Tech Director has posted that “I know I’m not a Remedy Staff member but I can confirm this story. Plus Pelaaja (more specifically Thomas Puha) have good relations with Remedy and are quite trustworthy.”

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It could be, after long, empty months of nothingness, that Alan Wake is shortly to make his first steps in some time towards the world. Because you’d have to logically suspect that if a trailer was being shown at in front of a major blockbuster – even if it is one based on a videogame, and thus playing to slightly more of a niche audience than usual – that the game is nearing some kind of finished state. After all, what’s the point of promoting something in this way to a broad market if nobody is going to be able to buy it for a year or two yet?

Nonetheless, the mere appearance of something new from the game does go some way to dampening speculation that it had run into trouble, or disappeared off the radar altogether. For now, though, we can’t help but side with the commenter at Videogaming 247, who succinctly notes “About bloody time. It’d better not be shit!”.


The Videogaming 247 piece is here, and if you want to practice your language skills, the original Pelaaja article can be found here.