Aggelos: Trailer for Great Looking Indie Platformer

If you enjoyed classic platformers like Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap, you may want to check out the launch trailer for Aggelos...

With the likes of Shovel Knight and the superb Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap remake floating around, it feels as though we’re in the midst of a new golden age of 2D platformers. And if you love the format of those later Wonder Boy games, which mixed light RPG elements with platforming and exploration, then you may want to check out Aggelos, a new title from a French developer called Wonderboy Bobi.

Taking on the role of a brave knight with a centre parting, you traverse a 2D landscape, slashing enemies with your sword and collecting loot which can be exchanged for new weapons in shops. With its colourful pixel graphics and chiptune soundtrack, Aggelos looks like something we’d have eagerly bought for our Sega Master System in the early 90s, albeit with a turn of speed that wouldn’t have been possible on consoles way back then.

Admittedly, there’s nothing too original going on here, but Aggelos certainly looks as though it’s been made with care and affection for the games that inspired it. Besides, the bosses are great-looking, and we like the look of the hero’s dash ability – a mechanic that reminds us a bit of Konami’s underrated Rocket Knight Adventures.

Aggelos is available on Steam now, and we’re told that there are ports for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on the way later in 2018. More on those as we get them. Until then, here’s a charming launch trailer….