After Eight Years of Work, Mega Man 2.5D Is Finally Finished

This Paper Mario-style take on the Mega Man franchise is one of the best looking remakes we've seen.

While the original Mega Man games have aged shockingly well considering how many times the franchise’s formula has been emulated over the years, it’s always fascinating to see a developer’s fresh take on the Mega Man conventions. While this approach sometimes leads to the Mighty No. 9s of the world, other times it leads to incredible projects such as Mega Man 2.5D

Mega Man 2.5D is the pet project of fan developer Peter Sjostrand and a small team. Sjostrand and his fellow developers have been working on the game for a staggering eight years and are finally ready to release it on the world.

On the surface, Mega Man 2.5D is a greatest hits collection of the best bosses, levels, and moments from the NES Mega Man games. The big twist, however, is a change in perspective that turns these Mega Man titles into pseudo-3D experiences. The effect is similar to the one utilized in the Paper Mario series. Most of the time, the added half-a-dimension just lends a little more depth to the standard 2D Mega Man experience. This allows for things like background windows to truly feel like they’re in the background. 

Other times, however, you’ll encounter a complete shift in perspective that temporarily turn your game into a 3D title. The design of the game is remarkably consistent given the complicated nature of the concept, and the final product really does feel like something that took the better part of a decade to complete. 

Best of all, Mega Man 2.5D adds several new features to the original Mega Man games such as a co-op mode and achievements. It also gives us the chance to gawk over its awesomely awful recreation of the original game’s hideous box art. 

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If you’re interested in trying the game yourself, you can download it for free from the developer website.