Adventure Game Rime is No Longer a PlayStation Exclusive

Along with new game footage comes the reveal that Rime is going multi-platform.

It’s been a long time since we last heard anything substantial about Rime; an intriguing action/adventure game revealed to be a PlayStation 4 exclusive at Gamescom 2013. 

Now, developer Tequila Works ambitious title has resurfaced with a slight twist. It will no longer be a PlayStation exclusive game. 

As you can see from Rime‘s re-reveal trailer above, the game still sports incredible visuals, gameplay that feel like a mix of The Legend of Zelda and The Witness, and some fairly impressive music. In other, words, everything that originally put this fascinating single-player adventure game about a boy who crashes on an island and must discover its secrets on the radar of gamers everywhere a few years ago has survived with the times. 

The only thing that’s really changed is that developer Tequilla Works has decided to release the game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch as opposed to developing it as a PlayStation exclusive title. Currently, it is expected to launch for all of those systems sometime in May. There has been no official word regarding why the studio chose to make this a multi-platform title.

So why is it that Tequilla Works, who you may know for their work on the game Deadlight, have been silent about Rime for so long? Well, according to an interview they did with the IBTimes, the studio simply wanted to make sure they didn’t fully reveal the game until it was actually playable as to avoid making any excuses regarding why certain pieces of it were incomplete. 

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True to their word, IGN Spain is expected to release a full report of their hands-on time with the game sometime later this month.