A Way Out Release Date, Trailer, & Details

Everything you need to know about A Way Out, including latest news, release date, trailers, and much more!

A Way Out comes to us from Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons creator Josef Fares and his new venture Hazelight Studios. It follows two inmates who are trying to escape a high-security prison for their own reasons. Should they manage to do so, they will then need to find a way to escape the law and perhaps even find a bit of peace.

Here’s what you need to know about the game:

A Way Out Release Date

A Way Out arrives on March 23, 2018. It’s coming to PS4, XBO, and PC.

A Way Out Trailer

Here’s the new trailer:

One of the most pleasant surprises of E3 2017 was certainly this first trailer for A Way Out.

A Way Out Details

Much like BrothersA Way Out will emphasize multiple character gameplay. Unlike BrothersA Way Out will be an entirely co-op experience. What that means is that you will need to play the game with someone else and will not be able to play as both characters with one controller as you could in Brothers. 

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This emphasis on co-op gameplay makes sense when you dive into the gameplay specifics. Josef Fares stated that A Way Out will focus on the ability to operate inherently from your partner in many situations. So, while you’ll participate in standard co-op fare such as shooting from a vehicle while your partner drives, you’ll also be asked to perform more complicated tasks that require each of you to handle a specific assignment.

Interestingly, one character will never have to complete a specific assignment meaning it is up to the players to determine who does what. Furthermore, if one player is caught up in a cutscene or otherwise indisposed, the other player will still be able to control their character independently.