A Resident Evil 2 Board Game Is Coming

This narrative-driven cooperative board game looks to recreate the Resident Evil experience.

Steamforged Games, the company behind the very successful board game adaptation of Dark Souls, have launched a Kickstarter campaign for an official board game based on Resident Evil 2

Given that the game was successfully funded in about an hour – it’s currently raised $403,652 – and that Steamforged had proven they are able to follow-through with their campaign promises in a reasonable time frame, we feel confident that this project is actually going to be completed at some point.

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Much as it was with Dark Souls, one of Resident Evil 2: The Board Game‘s biggest selling points is the quality of the included figurines. Actually, much of the game’s initially requested $202,000 funding was probably devoted to creating its beautiful figures. The game board itself is fairly sparse, though we’re certainly a fan of the optional “Retro Edition” which includes pixel art recreations of Resident Evil 2‘s famous items and weapons. 

While the board game’s full ruleset hasn’t been released, Resident Evil 2: The Board Game seems to have been designed as a cooperative experience that includes an optional single-player mode. It allows up to four players to venture into the Resident Evil 2 police station and do battle with the undead hordes and mutants that populate Racoon City. 

However, in the spirit of old-school Resident Evil titles, doing battle with the undead will require you and your team to expertly manage an incredibly small collection of resources represented by a series of cards. It’s not quite clear how this aspect of the experience works, but it sounds like players will need to weigh the merits of combat at any given time due to the limited nature of guns, ammo, and items. This aspect is complicated by the presence of a “Tension Deck” which contains a series of cards designed to dramatically change your circumstances.

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There’s no word yet on a release date, but given that Steamforged has proven that they’re able to translate video games into fascinating board game experiences, we’re excited to see how this project turns out. 

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