A New X-Files Game is Coming in 2018

Will this be the game that breaks the streak of bad X-Files games?

FoxNet has announced that they will be publishing a brand new X-Files video game. This upcoming adaptation – called The X-Files: Deep State -is set to release around the time of The X-Files 2018 television return – around January 3rd – for iOS and Facebook. 

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Yes, that would be the potentially bad news of this announcement. It appears that Deep State is really just a simplified interactive novel experience that will require players to advance through prolonged story sections and basic puzzles. The trailer also suggests that this will be an entirely original storyline – well, maybe not entirely original – that may or may not feature Mulder and Scully in supporting roles. 

Instead, you will play as a customizable FBI Agent who must team up with FBI Agent Dale to investigate paranormal and other downright odd cases involving things that leave the local police scratching their heads. We assume that includes basic math. 

The storyline is a bit hard to pin down at this point as FoxNet has stated that they intend to release monthly updates to this game that will add to the existing plot and contribute monster of the week-type adventures to the title. It’s not clear whether these additional episodes will be released for free or if there will be some kind of transaction model in place. 

It’s also not clear whether or not said storylines will branch in any way. The trailer indicates that players will be required to make certain dialog and story choices along the way, but the impact of these decisions is unknown. 

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In case you didn’t know, The X-Files hasn’t exactly enjoyed a sterling history of video game adaptations. There have been a few point and click adventures over the years, but we wouldn’t recommend any of them.