A Commodore 64 Mini Console is Coming in 2018

The gaming world will not rest until all the consoles have been miniaturized.

Hey, remember all those good times you had playing the Commodore 64?

You don’t? Oh. Well, that does lessen the impact of the following announcement quite a bit. 

The Commodore 64 is being re-released as a miniature console in the style of the NES and SNES Classic Editions. The C64 Mini checks in at about half the size of the original console and includes modern-day conveniences like HDMI and USB ports. Those USB ports can be used to add keyboards and joysticks to the device. Otherwise, you’ll have to make due with the retro joystick included with every C64 Mini. 

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Much like Nintendo’s Classic Editions, the real draw of the C64 Mini is its pre-installed library of classic Commodore titles. The C64 Mini’s library may not be quite as iconic as its Nintendo counterparts, but it’s hard to argue against the value of its 64 included games. The fact that Commodore classics like Paradroid and Hawkeye are included in the device’s built-in library makes it that much more appealing to fans of one of the best-selling gaming devices of the ’80s. 

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The C64 Mini is expected to ship sometime in early 2018 for the suggested retail price of $69.99. A larger version of the console appears to be in production and is expected to release sometime later next year. While the device’s official website suggests you can pre-order one now, trying to do so takes you to a store page that reads “Coming Soon.” As such, you’ll likely have to wait a bit if you want to secure one. 

It’s hardly a surprise that a recreation of the Commodore 64 is being produced given the overwhelming success of the Classic Edition line and the impending release of the Ataribox. Having said that, you’re forgiven for feeling less enthusiasm towards these non-Nintendo console recreations. After all, the appeal of the NES and SNES Classics are less about nostalgia and more about the fact that many of their included games have aged remarkably well. 

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